Coffee is one of the best sources of caffeine for the body, which also has many health benefits, but consuming the allowable amount of coffee can be helpful, and overuse on a daily basis can cause health problems.

Consumption of coffee per day prevents diseases such as stroke, cancer, Parkinson's disease, dementia (dementia) and can increase the risk of developing these diseases. Reduce and have health benefits such as increased memory and concentration. Scientists believe that Coffee is an extremely powerful collection of biologically active compounds and therefore the allowable amount. Coffee consumption per day is determined for each person in different situations.

Milligrams equal to three 8-ounce cups (equivalent to CC) will not be harmful to health, but experts have suggested different values ​​for each specific group, which we will discuss below.

How many cups of coffee should we drink a day?

As mentioned above, drinking coffee is allowed almost daily He has to choose the best amount for himself so that he can receive the health benefits of coffee without harm.

Caffeine is a drug

Stephen Murdit, a researcher in behavioral pharmacology at Johns Hopkins Medical School, says: While low to medium doses of coffee are generally safe. But caffeine is addictive, and consumers can become addicted to it, making it very difficult to quit. ”

Caffeine addiction has been described as a new mental disorder. Sudden withdrawal of caffeine causes headaches, dizziness, and fatigue, and this condition persists until the body returns to normal.

Harms High caffeine

High caffeine increases anxiety and pattern Disrupts sleep. Worse, over time, you'll need more caffeine to overcome fatigue, as well as more insomnia, and this cycle continues.

Caffeine with some medications from Thyroid drugs, psychiatric drugs and antidepressants, antibiotics, ciprofloxacin and heartburn medications are available, and it is best not to drink coffee at the same time as these medications.

Permitted amount Coffee consumption

According to some coffee studies, blood pressure can be slightly Increase and also increase blood sugar management insulin in people It makes it harder for people with type 2 diabetes to have diabetes. If you normally drink more than three cups of coffee a day but don't have enough calcium in your daily diet, you may develop osteoporosis at an older age. To prevent this problem, you should at least daily 350 Get one milligram of calcium through diet or supplements.

Very acidic coffee and stimulant of the gastrointestinal tract. If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease or heartburn, do not overdo it . It is even better to leave the coffee aside. The amount of caffeine in different drinks

espresso (1 ounce almost (*******************************************************************************) Hot) 588 – 45 milligramروزانه چند فنجان قهوه بنوشیم ؟ – 75 milligramروزانه چند فنجان قهوه بنوشیم ؟ hot) 250 milligramروزانه چند فنجان قهوه بنوشیم ؟

The effect of coffee on strengthening people's mood

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Caffeine stimulant effect strengthens people's mood. Research that year 588 The Harvard School of Public Health has found that people who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have a lower risk of suicide 08 Reduce the percentage. )

According to researchers and According to research on the effects of coffee on heart health. People who consume more than six cups of coffee a day are more likely to have heart disease. (This research is over 173 Thousands of people were examined)

That's why doctors recommend not drinking more than 6 cups of coffee a day to prevent heart disease. Let's be safe from coffee and caffeine consumption.



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