فرق کاپوچینو و نسکافه در چیست

The difference between cappuccino and Nescafe is a question that most coffee drinkers face, the instant coffees on the market are mostly Nescafe, cappuccino, hot chocolate. Of course, companies have recently added other add-ons to their products. And they launched more diverse products.

If we want to be precise, Nescafe is the name of a company that produces instant coffee, but cappuccino is a kind of Drink (so you understand the main difference), however, instant coffee in Iran is known as Nescafe, so we will explain the difference between cappuccino and instant coffee.

What is the difference between Cappuccino and Nescafe?

Cappuccino and Nescafe have a very understandable difference, which we will examine below. To better understand, we will first introduce both drinks

. What is Nescafe?

Nescafe is actually the instant coffee in Iran It is known by this name. This type of coffee is very easy to prepare and only requires hot water and instant coffee powder, it does not require a special device.

Although more consumption Coffee is instantaneous in the world, but it does not have the benefits of non-prepared coffees such as espresso, latte and (.

What is cappuccino?

Instant cappuccinos in the market with brands

, Torabica and… are sold. In fact, they are not cappuccino, cappuccino is made with prepared espresso and milk and cream foam is used in it.

The difference between Cappuccino and Nescafe

As we explained above, Cappuccino with نسکافه چیست 2020 Espresso 1024 They make but Nescafe, which is instant coffee, is brewed with boiling water.

The difference between cappuccino and Nescafe is very noticeable, but now instant cappuccinos have entered the market and their preparation is like February coffee and only to Hot water is needed.

But due to the preservatives used in these products, we recommend that you do not use these products.

You can get an oven or electric espresso machine And make any kind of drink you like with fresh coffee

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