Robusta coffee is a type of coffee bean obtained from the Coffea Canephora plant, which is why it is also known as Canephora. And about every year (*************************************************************) Percentage of coffee production in the world.

Vietnam has the largest number of Robusta coffee farms in the world and is among the best in terms of coffee quality Coffee-producing countries are considered Robusta.

History of Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee for the first time in a century (**************************************************************) It was discovered in the Congo by the Belgians. It was named Coffea canephora, but it is also one of the native trees of the tropical forests near Lake Victoria in Uganda.

This type of coffee was first introduced about a year later. Cargo arrived in Asia and in countries that Arabica coffee Cultivation was cultivated.

per year 300 Due to the pest that has caused the destruction of the Arabica coffee tree in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and 2 and the more resistant Robusta coffee tree to this type of pest, coffee farms under cultivation in South Asian countries East, such as Indonesia , India And ویژگی های قهوه روبوستا Robotics Coffee Botanical Characteristics

قهوه روبوستا

Like other coffee trees This type of coffee is also obtained from coffee beans, but with the difference that these shrubs are limited to (*****************************************************************************) The height is also seen and will be larger than other types of coffee trees.

ویژگی دان قهوه روبوستا

Due to the length of the tree trunk, planting density of this type The coffee is less Arabica, and the planting distance should be slightly to the distance R.

Coffea canephora is more resistant to the erica tree and needs

annually. To 3000 mm of rainfall and is more resistant to dehydration. Elevation from sea level in this type of plant is between 0 200 m.

Robusta trees are more resistant to tree pests, dehydration and CLR, and the low cost of planting and maintaining this tree has led to production in Southeast Asian countries. Show goodness.

However, the tree shows little weakness against the cold and its optimal temperature is between . Degree up to (************************************************************) It is expensive.


قهوه روبوستا

Robusta coffee flavor It's not as strong as a tree, because less of the nutrients reach the coffee cherries. Which will directly affect the quality of coffee.

This type of coffee is weaker in almost all cases than Arabica because it has sugar, its own acids and less fat than Arabica. However, due to its high caffeine and high chlorogenic acid, it has a bitter taste.

Robusta coffee has a shot due to its high caffeine content. Espresso will provide you with energy all day long.

    Benefits of Robusta Coffee

Easy cultivation 37134

  • low fat37134
  • High caffeine (about 2.7 percent versus 1.5 percent Arabica coffee) Cost of half a cup of Arabica coffee 37134 2200

    2000 The disadvantages of Robusta coffee

    Boring taste 37134

    High bitterness

  • low quality. 2200 ) 2200

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