Mocha Coffee or Mocha Café The names of this drink are based on espresso, which are considered as hot coffees. It is also called Mokachino (in Italian) which is interestingly similar to Cappuccino!

Don't worry we're here to answer all your questions about coffee so that you can become a coffee expert yourself and be able to understand everything that goes on in the minds of baristas and have enough knowledge when ordering or buying coffee. Be!

Espresso milk =?

اسپرسو coffee cream diluted and without cream, which It's called Latte (or Latte Cafe, as it is called in Italy).

A standard latte is served in a tall cup. In this way, one or two shots of espresso are added to the cup, and then a teaspoon of boiled milk is placed on it.

Then a thin layer of milk foam is poured over the cup. Also, different flavors and syrups can be added to your liking.

Baristas often show us their creativity and taste with beautiful works of art using milk or milk foam on the surface of the coffee, sometimes the designs on the coffee are so beautiful that one does not like to eat it at all!

What is Moka or Mokachino?

In fact, the name of Mocha Coffee is derived from the name of a port city called ) Moka is taken in Yemen

The first type of car coffee bean in Arabica nature, whose sweet flavor is very popular, and then Robusta beans have a stronger and more bitter taste.

Mocha coffee beans have a natural chocolate flavor. In order to enhance the taste of the chocolate, Barista adds a small amount of chocolate to the Mocha recipe.

Today, usually the lightest coffee is latte. Mocha is much stronger than Latte as well as Cappuccino.

Therefore, the order of Mocha Coffee, as you will find in most coffee shops, usually consists of the following:

  • 2 espresso shots

    2 ounces (one-third teaspoon) hot chocolate

    1 ounce (one-sixth teaspoon) of boiled milk

    A thin layer of milk foam (foam) to pour on it

    قهوه موکا Milk foam is actually a milk foam that has doubled the volume of air bubbles in the milk bubble! قهوه موکا

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