What do you think about adding marshmallows to your afternoon cup of coffee? Today, we are faced with a variety of additives to coffee, one of which is marshmallow, which has received a lot of attention!

Marshmallow is a type of pastry or confectionery that combines sugar, water and gelatin and syrup . Corn is made, which of course has plant roots and contains protein (due to the presence of gelatin)!

Espresso is also a very invigorating coffee that you must have used if you are a coffee lover!

Where did Marshmallow come from?!

The word Marshmallow is a combination of a plant name دسر مارشمالو

  • 1 cup of water

    1 and a half teaspoons of espresso powder

    3 packets of gelatin without baking soda!

    1 and a half cups of sugar

    1 cup light corn syrup

    1/3 cup of sugar

    Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract

    Dessert preparation method

    مواد لازم دسر مارشمالو Mix half a cup of water with gelatin in your mixer bowl do. Just pour the gelatin over the top of the water.

    مواد لازم دسر مارشمالو Put the liquid in a flat container and You can sprinkle a little powdered sugar and espresso on it to see a better aroma and taste in the result! Then leave it on for at least three hours or a night to get it.

    مواد لازم دسر مارشمالو The next day, remove the semi-dry dough from the dish. Take it out or start cutting it in different fancy shapes in the same pan (be careful not to line the bottom of the dish, of course!)! You can also use these ready-made templates for beauty!

    مواد لازم دسر مارشمالو

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    20800 2020

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