Lango is another coffee made with an espresso machine and the difference is in the method and time of preparation! This coffee is more bitter than espresso but relatively weaker!

The word Longo means long and is of Italian origin! Have you ever wondered what the various options on the “Espresso” menu of your favorite coffee shop are?

You may be familiar with a mocha, latte, americano, or a cappuccino, but do you know what makes an espresso different from a restarto or lango?

Simply put, these are three different ways to use an espresso machine to pull out an espresso shot. They are each based on the same basic elements and the same basic processes, but differ in how the process and time are performed, which ultimately leads to major differences in concentration, aroma, taste and caffeine . Coffee is obtained.

What is Lango?

لانگو چیست؟ The manipulation technique is very important for ordinary espresso and even for Lango. You need to make sure that the coffee inside 4) قفل PF دستگاه را فعال و دم کردن را شروع کنید!

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