What is Long Black? Espresso-based coffee that has a stronger flavor than Americano!

Long Black is another espresso-based coffee! In order to be a great homemade barista, it is important to know how to make many types of coffee, not just one or two types, but to increase your coffee culture so that you can prepare a variety of classic and modern or fancy coffees and enjoy. take!

People have different tastes, and at a friendly party or gathering, some may like the classic espresso, and some Machiavelli or Long Black! In this situation, it is good to know how to prepare each of them well!

In fact, Long Black is very similar to Americano, but with the difference that it replaces the shot of espresso and boiling water! Please join us!

Long Black Zadeh is American taste!

قهوه لانگ بلک Its percentage is filled with hot water

    Pour hot coffee extract on it to prepare your Long Black! It's that easy!

    Usually, a glass or cup of water is placed next to the Long Black cup, like the Americano, so that if it is thick or bitter for a person, he can add water to reduce its severity!

    Long Black's difference with Americano

    طرز تهیه قهوه Restart is made on hot water! Long Black is very similar to Americano, but preserves Karma , so it has more flavor!

    The amount of hot water and espresso used in both Long Black and Americano coffees is the same in both 01 Percentage of hot water glass and (*****************************************) Espresso percentage

    The difference is that in Long Black, the double shot of espresso is poured on hot water (unlike Americano) and therefore the cream or tan color of the espresso shot is ideal, but in Because Americano spills hot water on espresso, naturally the cream disappears quickly and the flavor is much less!


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