in the year When Starbucks puts Flight White coffee on the permanent menu This coffee is one of the first choices for many great people in the world of coffee!

But what is Flight White and what is its structure? How to make it at home? These are some of the most important questions that come to mind when looking at the name Flat White in the minds of coffee lovers, which we try to answer in this article!

What is Flight White?

فلت وایت را چگونه تهیه کنیم؟

2. Size 20 ml of microphone milk in a cup 66 ml

First you need to prepare your espresso machine, make sure you have it hot enough! Then prepare the ground coffee beans as desired.

Milli (s) in a cup (60 ml) Pour, be sure to keep the cream on top of the cream enough, especially if you're using a restart or double shot espresso.

Approximately (********************************************) Measure and place it in a large enough cup. To have a good microphone, be sure to use your espresso machine to get the right result for you.

To get a real microphone, be sure to hold the knot nozzle under your device's valve, move it up and down a little, but keep it closer to the bottom of the cup and at a slight angle.

Always remember that to eliminate any large air bubbles, slowly Stir the milk with your machine. Remember that your milk will almost double, so it will eventually be about . *******************************************************************…….. It's not really that much milk. شات اسپرسو

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