Frappuccino is the name of a modern and fancy type of coffee made by Starbucks for a type of frozen and mixed coffee drink that is a combination of coffee with ice and other mixed ingredients.

Cream and flavored syrups or syrup are commonly used. Farapachino is commonly found as a coffee beverage bottle in European grocery stores that are sold through vending machines.

Now, in this article, we try to examine the difference between Frapacchino and Cappuccino, which is the question of many coffee lovers. These two drinks have 6 major differences, which we will mention below.

1. Cappuccino is one of the hot drinks, Farapachino is an ice drink!

فرپاچینو و کاپوچینو کافوئین syrup !

4- Cappuccino is a special drink, you can't change its composition!


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