Cortado is a type of hot coffee made from espresso mixed with almost the same amount of hot milk to reduce the acidity of coffee. The milk in a cortado, like many Italian coffee drinks, is boiled!

The word cortado, from the Spanish verb cortar (cut), means to dilute, and can be used in a variety of coffees or espresso drinks throughout Spain . , Portugal and Cuba.

All of us, due to the worries and worries we have in today's world, are often not happy to see a bad morning's sleep when we wake up! And we are looking for a good-tasting tea or coffee that will give us back our energy and we can get started quickly!

One of our suggestions is to learn and try different types of coffee so that you can quickly make any one you like the most and improve your mood! Cortado coffee is one of them!

Balance between thick espresso and hot milk!

کورتادو coffee cream or syrup honey or Taste the vanilla!


  • Espresso Double Shot

    One-sixth boiled milk

    A quarter of vanilla syrup

    A quarter of a honey syrup (for cortado honey)


  • Make a double shot shot.

    Boil the milk.

    Add vanilla syrup and honey to the coffee and mix.

    Add less than half the espresso milk to the coffee and syrup mixture, and add a thin layer of milk foam. Pour.

    If you have followed this simple method, you should now have a pleasant and sweet cortado in your hand.

    Important Note: Anything espresso machine And تفاوت با لاته

    Machiavelli , meaning “marked”, is an espresso with a little more foam or milk foam طرز تهیه قهوه کورتادو

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