انواع قهوه Espresso is probably the only coffee drink in the world that needs almost no explanation, the most famous coffee without a doubt It's espresso, and many people even mean “espresso” when they say “coffee.”

The most important feature of espresso is “قهوه ماکیاتو” which creates a very beautiful layer on it. And espresso is a small drink, which is basically the size of an ounce (*************************************************************) (ml)

2. Machiavelli

This drink is prepared with ordinary espresso, which has a small layer of milk foam on which it is placed.

Machiavelli has two versions to prepare: the first to use only espresso It has a thin layer of milk foam. Note: کاپوچینو

Cappuccino is another famous espresso drink, this drink Usually in a 5 ounce cup (20 ml) is prepared with an espresso shot ( (ml) and almost all cups are full of boiled milk and a layer of milk foam on it.

This drink is very popular and very popular with everyone, as long as the ratio of espresso to milk remains at 1 to 4, your drink is cappuccino, even if you use different sauces and syrups in its preparation.

The end result is a cup of soft, velvety coffee in which the espresso is very pale.

4. Latte

قهوه موکا with others Let's use coffee, it's Cappuccino's older and more beautiful sister!

Latte is also based on an espresso shot, usually in an 8 ounce glass (88 (ml) is served and you can see all the layers in your drink.

The ratio used for this drink is 1 to 6 (espresso boiled in milk) and also has a portion of milk foam that is placed on your drink.

5. mocha coffee

کن پانا is very similar to Cappuccino, the difference The main thing is to use syrup or syrup chocolate in it. The important thing about mocha is not to confuse it with macchiato and mocha coffee, which is a way of brewing coffee.

Mocha consists of 1 part espresso, 1 part chocolate chocolate, 3 parts boiled milk and 1 part foam milk, which is usually decorated with a little chopped cinnamon or cocoa powder.

6. Ken Pana

آفوگاتو a shot Espresso is a large piece of cream that is placed on top of milk instead of foam. In this respect, it is very similar to a macchiato, because it does not use milk and the taste of espresso is very noticeable in it.

The ratio of espresso to pastry cream is 1 to 1, so we have a small 2 ounce drink ((***************************************************************) We will have a milliliter.

7. Ofogato

Ofogato Another drink Coffee is a dessert that is very popular for summer.

The base of this coffee is a shot of espresso and vanilla ice cream, so it creates a small drink of about 5 ounces, the taste and texture of which is similar to an ice latte.

Flight White There is a shot of espresso on which boiled milk is placed, but there is no milk foam in it at all.

So it can be said that it is the same as ordinary cappuccino, a 5 ounce cup in which the espresso to milk ratio is 1 to 4, which lacks milk foam.

9. Americano

قهوه ایرلندی American You need an espresso shot that you add 4 times as much coffee to boiling water, in fact you basically only increase the volume of your coffee by adding boiling water.

The origins of this type of coffee come from the fact that American soldiers began diluting their coffee with boiling water due to a lack of coffee, which is why the name of this coffee was called Americano and a kind of historical and patriotic coffee. is considered.

200 . Irish Coffee

240 Irish coffee is a drink that is both a dessert and a 20800 Cocktail , so just because it contains It's a bit of coffee, except 20508 (**********************************************************************************************************)