Increasing coffee culture is exciting for some coffee enthusiasts. Americano is another espresso-based coffee and is different from Demi Coffee!

If you are new to coffee, you may be surprised, but having coffee knowledge is a surefire way to choose coffee and enjoy its delicious taste until only we are familiar with the tone and pronunciation of the words!

Because of its intense flavor, many people mix their espresso with water, so you make an Americano. You must have seen that in the coffee shop, a cup of hot water is brought to you along with the espresso!

In this article, we want to give you complete information about the place where Americano coffee comes from, what it tastes like, and how to offer it to you coffee lovers. Please join us!

Americano from the beginning to today…

The story is that during World War II , American soldiers stationed in Italy fell in love with the extremely powerful espresso that even the Italians themselves did not want to drink!

Therefore, this group of American soldiers is trying to replicate coffee (using force instead of force) They decided to add hot water to the Italian espresso shot that was born in the United States!

Therefore, an Americano consists only of hot boiled water and espresso. The ratio of espresso to water can be half or one third of espresso and two thirds of hot water.

Americano has no milk in its structure, while some people add milk, and this is completely wrong! There are no dairy products in the United States!

For those of you unfamiliar with the intricacies of espresso, Kerma is a thin, tanned layer of foam formed on top of espresso shot that combines the oil of coffee beans and air bubbles during the extraction process. And the espresso is brewed on the coffee.

While some people think that karma has a relatively small relationship with the taste of espresso, some people think that it has a great effect because the formation of karma means the oil of coffee beans while extracting coffee completely. It comes out and it neutralizes the watery taste of coffee! This is a matter of taste!

Is Americano different from Long Black?

لانگ بلک There is another drink that is remarkably similar to Americano: Long Black! The structure of this drink helps to discuss the ratio of espresso and water for Americano.

Long Black is popular in New Zealand and Australia. It is usually stronger and bolder in taste than Americano. In this case, less water dilutes the espresso and coffee cream is used to flavor it!

Long Black is made with one or two shots espresso on the water مقایسه قهوه دمی و آمریکانو

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