Ofogato One of the best summer drinks that can keep your body warm for two days Cool down, so you can do the cartoon with more power.

Usually on hot summer days, the orders we get in the coffee shop are mostly Frappachino and Cold Go.

But because There is very little order for customers not to know Afogato, but the international coffee shops are the complete opposite.

To offer this delicious drink to your customers' food basket, offer them This time, instead of ordering Fapacchino, try Afogato .

What is Ofogato

Ofogato One of the new coffee shop drinks served in the summer, is an afogato drink that includes ice cream and espresso that combines it based on the barista's experience.

Some hit and some didn't They say that it depends on the customer's taste. Then join

Coffee House to learn how to make this drink – ice cream Get it.

There are two ways to make an afogato, and we'll explain both methods to you here.

The traditional method of cup espresso to prepare afogato

  • traditional way Espresso cup


Italian dessert اسکوپ بستنی

Using a gelato or ice cream scoop Add the usual to the cup. Do this gently to prevent the drink from spilling around the cup.

Here we use vanilla gelato, which I think gives a good flavor to the afogato (you too Try this ice cream bar.)

Now you have two options, you can mix your Afagato drink or enjoy it without stirring. Some people prefer to drink without stirring and combining the ingredients.

In this case, first

Espresso You will be relatively warm and you will have a cool ball ice cream at the end.

If you want to combine ingredients, you will have a relatively cool afogato with espresso and ice cream flavor.

2019 The difference between regular ice cream and gelato

(************************************************) But the ratio of milk to cream in gelato is more than ordinary ice cream.

It is used in ordinary egg ice cream but is not used in gelato.

Gelato has a creamy and soft texture and stretches more than regular ice cream

. Gelato ice cream has less fat than regular ice cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country does Afogato belong to?

Ofogato, like other Italian espresso-based drinks.

Which season is the best time to serve Afogato?

In spring and summer, as the weather warms up, it's a good time to put Ofogato in. The menu is a coffee shop.


What are the ingredients for the preparation of Ofogato?

Ingredients for the preparation of Ofogato, espresso and vanilla ice cream (or (Gelato) 200 50

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