Ofogato is the same ice cream that sinks in the hot espresso shot! In fact, it is one of the Italian coffee-based desserts that is very tasty and invigorating!

Ofogato in Italian means to drown, and here it means to freeze ice cream in hot espresso! Although Italian restaurants and cafes categorize it as a dessert, some restaurants and cafes outside Italy use it as a drink!

Traditional vanilla ice cream is preferred in Ofogato, but is sometimes added to ice cream with other flavors such as coconut and shotot, due to the variety of order menus and the customer's taste. Be.

While the recipe for making more or less standard afogato in Italy consists of a teaspoon of ice cream or vanilla gelatin with an espresso shot, there are changes in European and American restaurants today. It can be seen!

Ofogato background in the world!

دسر آفوگاتو Starbucks has also arrived!

How to make Ofogato?

طرز تهیه آفوگاتو Preparing an afogato is as simple as it looks in the picture, there's really no science behind shooting a shot. There is no espresso on an ice cream dish, and almost anyone can make it easily!

In fact, if you can brew your espresso shot well, and buy ready-made ice cream, then mix the two!

As mentioned earlier, you can make ice cream with different flavors to prepare an afogato to suit your taste! You can even use hot coffee instead of cold coffee طرز تهیه آفوگاتو instead of mocha or even use hot chocolate to do this!

Yes, that's right, if you don't like the taste of a dessert, of course, in the traditional way of making it, you can at least get an idea of ​​it and change the ingredients by adding raw materials or even adding additives like chocolate chips. Use it!

So it can be said that Afogato is your new favorite dessert 🙂


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