If we want to express a simple concept of coffee pad, in fact, it is the same as making and preparing a coffee in a package similar to T-bag, or the same complexity of coffee as a meal, in a paper filter, which Boil in water for quick use.

ESE is the global standard for coffee pads, which is equivalent to 06 mm Any pad that meets the ESA standard can be used on any espresso machine that is compatible and has an ESA logo.

An ESA pad has between 6.7 and 5.5 grams of coffee, with a normal weight of about 7 grams, but these are very specific to the specifications of the coffee beans used.

The ESA pad is housed in a special pad holder that is inside high-filtration It is the same device used for ground coffee in some cars.

A brief history of the coffee pad!

دانه های قهوه و تی بگ دانه های قهوه و تی بگ

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