Coffee, milk and the vibrant aroma of sour lemon are mixed together to create a delicate yet delicious flavor called lemon cappuccino.

Cappuccino is one of the most delicious and popular coffees that if you add lemon syrup to it, you will experience a wonderful taste.

Cappuccino is perfect for any hour of the day, but in Italy it is eaten more with breakfast! Please join us so you can easily experience this delicious drink at home!


کاپوچینو espresso Double shot, hot milk and boiled milk foam are prepared. Coffee cream may also be used instead of milk and is often poured over cappuccino cinnamon.

In Italian, cappuccino means “little hat”, which is an allegory of the milk foam on the espresso! Cappuccino is the name of a monastery in Palermo, Italy, where a sect of Catholic monks lived!

When the bottom of the milk is skillfully poured on the surface of the cappuccino to encircle white circles, the surface of the darker coffee is like a small white hat worn by the monks of the cappuccino!

Cappuccino is typically smaller in volume than latte and has a thick layer of milk microfume. Cappuccino is a little sweeter because of the chocolate powder on its surface! Lemon cappuccino is one of the flavorful cappuccinos that is made by adding lemon syrup!

Because cappuccino foam has more milk, it makes it thicker and can be enjoyed with a spoonful of foam. While latte has less foam.


طرز تهیه کاپوچینو لیمویی در کمتر از یک دقیقه! Syrup is a syrup, a kind of condiment and in the form of a thick and sticky liquid, which is primarily a solution of sugar in water. Composed.

You can also inject this simple syrup to taste and use it in a variety of drinks such as lemon cappuccino to add lemon flavor to cappuccino. From herbs and spices to fruits and flavoring ingredients, it is used for flavoring.

Also known as “sugar syrup” syrup, plain syrup is a type of liquid sugar commonly used to sweeten cocktails, iced coffee, lemonade and other cold drinks. Because this sweetener is a liquid, mixing it with cold drinks is much easier than adding regular sugar!

Prepare lemon cappuccino in less than a minute!

You can easily make lemon cappuccino yourself at home! First prepare the syrup or lemon syrup! In this method, first wash the sour lemons, peel them and grind them. Julien is a method of crushing materials that is mostly used for vegetables and fruits.

Then pour the skins into a pot with water and sugar, let it boil for 8 or 9 minutes. Then put the liquid containing the slices of lemon peel in the refrigerator to cool.

Prepare coffee with Mokapat , heat the milk (pasteurized) without boiling it, lemon syrup Add and emulsify with a blender. An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that do not dissolve and each liquid retains its phase like a lemon cappuccino!

Pour the mixture into a cup and then add the milk foam with a spoon on the coffee and taste it without adding sugar.

The ideal coffee for this method is

Rosa Coalita Lavaza Coffee ! Its unique fragrance is great!


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