For many, the question may always be, what is the difference between coffee and cappuccino? Coffee has become a popular beverage around the world as a versatile drink for mornings, dinners and meeting new friends.

You may have heard different names for different types of coffee! This is true because the coffee industry is expanding day by day in all parts of the world, including our country!

There are different breeds of coffee beans, but most of these names are mostly related to the method of preparation and brewing and the use of coffee machines. Cappuccino is one of them. Please join us to know the difference between coffee and cappuccino!

Comparison between coffee and cappuccino,

تفاوت میان کاپوچینو و قهوه The amount of acidity and bitterness depends on the type of coffee. Adding milk reduces the taste of coffee. Cappuccino coffee has a strong taste. The ratio of coffee to milk in a cappuccino is about 1 to 1.5.

Given that the foam (foam) of milk is at least twice that of boiled milk. Cappuccino Like any espresso, it has a rich and bold aroma and taste, but with milk you can change its taste!

A cappuccino has less caffeine than a regular cup of brewed coffee. Obviously, a cappuccino has an espresso shot, and the rest is all milk and milk foam.


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