The terms coffee is something that many coffee lovers want to know, in the dictionary of coffee words

There are many that can be divided into two important categories:

1. Specialized coffee terms on the aroma and taste of coffee

2. The main and general terms of coffee and coffee shops

Terms used about the taste and aroma of coffee, which are mostly more specialized words that we have already talked about

We have talked and in this article we try to focus on more general and general words of coffee and introduce you to

In addition to adding information, help you prepare coffee.


دانستنی های قهوه Demi Coffee کلور چیست؟

A new and very useful tool for making a thick coffee, because of its structural properties, it makes your coffee more flavorful.


Starbucks Company 2000 decided to reopen special coffee shops known as concept coffee shops and It is called Claver.


Drip method for making coffee that brews coffee beans for a period of time (*********************************) Pour cold water and from the concentrate that forms

It is used to make cold coffees and makes coffee with high caffeine.


It is a type of hot coffee that is prepared by combining espresso with almost the same amount of boiled milk, which has an approximate volume 120. is milliliters.


A type of caramel oil that is placed on an espresso shot and is responsible for maintaining the taste and smell of espresso, which is a tan ribbon

is the color and somehow indicates the quality of a good sproso. Click here دانستنی قهوه


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