Starbucks is very successful in the global market. In fact, they are the largest coffee company in the world until the year 2007, . , 88 Store in 2008 Country including 2000 . 2000 to the United States, 1, 58 to Canada, 766 to Japan, 508 to England, 200 to China and to 580 in South Korea.

Because we can trust numbers, that means they open five new stores every day.

The chain began and continued in Seattle, Washington. They sell more than McDonald's, even if they only sell soft drinks! This is undoubtedly a great achievement.

The Starbucks logo is constantly changing: the real sign of its third appearance to 10 It goes back to last year, which means that with the growth of the company, in addition to increasing the quality and quantity of services, even the logo is updated, and this means that it is necessary to move at a high speed in today's world. Development is a business.

In this article, we decided to (*******************************************************) Let's gather some interesting facts about Starbucks so that we may realize the continuity of its success and learn!

1) Starbucks 20508 has a type of drink!

انواع نوشیدنی ها Howard Schultz He wrote a book entitled “How He Spilled His Heart: How Starbucks Created a One-Cup Company”, in which he explained that the company's name came from Starbucks, a character in Moby Dick, one of the novels. Taken by Herman Melville.

The nautical theme has also been extended to the company's logo, which Schultz said was inspired by the new edition of the book “Twelve Tails or Sirens” in the 16th century.

3) Tables have been selected for individual receptions!

فنجان ها برای بچه ها

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