If I learn how to roast coffee beans at home, we can easily prepare our favorite ingredients at home and enjoy drinking different coffee ingredients!

What are the reasons for coffee roasting? Of course, buying coffee that has already been roasted is certainly very easy, but you may still like the taste of that coffee, but depending on your mindset and knowledge. Be different from what you expected! One of the reasons may not be correct!

A good coffee anywhere in the world (***********************************) To 12 dollars or more for Premium blends will cost money! While buying green (raw) coffee beans is more economical and costs between $ 5 and $ 7.

If you buy green coffee beans, you can prepare the mixture you like, mix several types of seeds together to get a different taste. In addition to saving your mix to your liking and saving money, you can also roast green coffee beans as you like.

A coffee bean containing more than 260 composition inside it during the roasting process. Being able to reach them is what is called Maylard.

The principles of roasted coffee beans

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