Does Nespresso Make Regular Coffee?


On some mornings, you just want a quick shot of espresso to get you out the door. On others, you want to savor a full mug of coffee slowly. Can your Nespresso machine do both? The short answer is that it can. But the slightly longer answer is that you’ll need the right model. Keep […]

Vegan Coffee and Introducing Environmental Coffee Preparation Methods!


An issue that is increasing in importance in today's world, especially by not observing us humans and our selfishness, we have disrupted the order of nature and endangered its survival, environmental protection and health That is, we also try to play a small role in our field by introducing vegan coffee preparation methods. Plain black […]

Best La Marzocco Espresso Machine (2020 Reviews)


Buying a La Marzocco espresso machine means parting with a good chunk of cash. But, regardless of the model you buy, you’re paying for quality. With all that money at stake, let’s make sure you choose the right one. Here are 4 great options, one of which is perfect for YOU. 4 Best La Marzocco […]

Learn more about Turkish coffee and tea and the culture of drinking it!


Turkey is one of the most famous and top countries in the field of brewing and supply of hot drinks, the best of which you have definitely heard with Turkish coffee and tea. In fact, in Turkey, in addition to preparing and consuming coffee and tea, these drinks are part of their culture and daily […]

What is coffee milk and complete training to prepare it at home!


If we want to name a constant companion for coffee, we can definitely go for milk, which is definitely the most compatible and best food that can be combined with coffee, coffee milk is one of the main ingredients. In this article from the collection Kafi Mafi , we try to fully examine this delicious […]

Nespresso Vertuo vs Original: Which Is Better?


As if choosing a Nespresso machine wasn’t already hard enough, now they’ve added a whole new line, the VertuoLine. So what’s so special about these new models and should one find a place in your home? This review will dive deep into the details of Nespresso VertuoLine vs Original, so you’ll know which pod coffee […]

The best green coffee for slimming and resting!


Knowing and choosing the best green coffee is a very important issue, especially for many coffee lovers, because there are many people who like to roast coffee themselves, and this is what makes them look for green coffee beans. And try to choose the highest quality ones. Of course, today, a very popular topic is […]