Cascara or coffee cherry tea: a drink from the dried skin of coffee beans!


Dry and curved shells are collected from the fields after the coffee beans are harvested. Then they are dried in the sun before packing and transporting. These dried cherry coffee skins are no different from black tea leaves, and the main difference is that the cherry slices are slightly larger than a tea leaf and […]

La Pavoni Europiccola Review: Yay or Nay?


Desiderio Pavoni began producing commercial espresso machines in 1905, and for years, La Pavoni was the espresso machine to have. Today the Milanese company is known for a product line with different appearances and capacities, but they are commonly respected as some of the top lever espresso makers in the world. What’s so special about […]

Coffee antioxidants prevent eye damage!


Drinking coffee prevents eye damage, because the antioxidants in it keep your retina healthy! We all know that coffee can provide you with the energy you need, and its antioxidants are good for you in many ways. But a new study from Cornell University , a private research institute in New York, found strong coffee […]

What is a restart? Sweet and thicker than the classic espresso shot!


Espresso is at the heart of many coffee lovers. You probably know that you can choose and adjust the number of shots in your espresso. But, do you know the difference between a classic espresso shot and a restart shot? The word resterto means “restricted” in Italian. In the world of coffee, Resterto refers to […]

Best Ground Coffee 2020


You may have been told that buying whole coffee beans to grind right before brewing will yield the most delicious coffee, and that advice is not wrong. But if you lack a high-end grinder at home, buying pre-ground beans can be an excellent option. Here are eight of our top picks for the best ground […]

Karama Coffee: Colorful tan floor on an espresso cup is ideal!


Karma is the same colored tan floor that is placed on top of a fresh espresso shot, while it looks like a secondary aspect to a great cup of coffee, but it's a little more important! Let's get to know each other! You might be surprised if I tell you that getting Kerma on espresso […]

Breville vs DeLonghi: Which Makes Better Coffee Machines?


When it comes to choosing a home espresso machine, for many the question becomes Breville vs. DeLonghi. Both well-established brands offer high-quality machines at reasonable prices. So how do you choose? This article will delve into the details to help you decide which company is making the right machine to meet your needs. We’ll start […]

Best Keurig Alternatives (8 Coffee Makers Like Keurigs)


If you’re in the market for a single-serve pod style coffee maker but can’t find any Keurig machines that meet your needs, don’t worry. There are now many manufacturers offering this style of machine, plenty of which are even compatible with K-Cups. In this article, our buyer’s guide gives you the know-how you need to […]

White Coffee: It has more caffeine and antioxidants than black coffee!


There seems to be a new way to drink coffee every week. Surprisingly, there are still new innovations around this mysterious drink. We are here to introduce you to one of these innovations called White Coffee so you can add it to your coffee table if you like. You may have seen it offered to […]