What do cholesterol and coffee have to do with each other? Are they friends!


There is a lot of talk about the relationship between coffee and cholesterol. There are many studies today on how to increase cholesterol levels by drinking coffee !! The result of the research is one thing: coffee may increase cholesterol, but it depends on how it is made and how much you drink. If you […]

Kona Coffee Grades: How Does This Rating System Work?


You might have spotted the word ‘Kona’ on a (rightfully) more expensive bag of 100% Kona Coffee or next to an exotic picture of Hawaii on a cheap Kona blend (we’re crying internally).  By understanding the official Kona coffee grades, you’ll not only up your coffee game even more than the barista in that hipster […]

Are You Murdering Your Coffee Beans? (you probably are if you do THIS)


If I’m not mistaken; you’re the type of person who loves to experiment with new exciting coffee beans from all over the world. The world of coffee opens up when you start pairing the right coffee beans with the right brew style. But let’s be honest; pairing COFFEE BEANS with ROAST LEVELS and BREWING TYPES […]

What is Peaberry Coffee and what are its characteristics?


Peaberry coffee brewing is a type of mutated coffee that differs from regular coffees. This type of coffee fruit has a grain whose grain is round and like a pea and has more sweetness than other types. Cherries have coffee. It is noteworthy that this natural mutation occurs in both Arabica and Robusta coffees, so […]

Are You Making These Coffee Brewing Mistakes?


Making a great cup of coffee – whatever brew style is your jam – doesn’t come easy. And even members of the “café quality coffee at home” tribe, who are invested in making a good brew, make mistakes that seriously impact the quality of what you end up with. Fear not, there are ways to […]

What is Peaberry Coffee?


So, you’re wondering what peaberry coffee is? Maybe you’ve heard of this coffee-anomaly-turned-specialty-drink and you just want to understand what on earth these little coffee jewels are? That’s what I’m here for! Read on to find out exactly what peaberry coffee is.. Why Is It Called Peaberry? Coffee beans come from coffee cherries, the bright […]

Degassing coffee and why Fresher is not alway better


Are you a fellow home roaster? You probably got started roasting at home as a way to avoid the stale coffee you often find at the store or coffee shop. While we admire your choice, you may not know that coffee that is too fresh can be just as bad as stale coffee. Degassing your […]

Cortado coffee and how to prepare it + video


Cortado coffee is a type of hot coffee that is related to Spain, this coffee is a kind of hot brewed coffee that is prepared almost equal to the amount of boiled milk. To see the video of how to make Cortado coffee, refer to the bottom of the page Although most drinks based on […]

Caffeine effect on coronavirus


In general, viruses are divided into two groups based on nucleic acid: DNA-infected viruses and RNA-infected viruses. Coronavirus is classified as RNA virus. In this article, we want the effect of coffee . Check on the virus corona, so stay tuned. Nucleic acid in viruses is made up of either DNA or RNA. Seen as […]