Today on the Coffee House website, we are going to teach you how to make macchiato (macchiato), unlike espresso and cappuccino that is easily recognizable from the picture, macchiato is not like that.

What is Machiavelli?

Makiatu A type of Italian coffee It's neither as heavy as an espresso nor as light as a cappuccino. This coffee is classified between these two types of drinks. The macchiato name, as it turns out, is Italian and comes from its creator.

Consumption of this type of coffee in the early morning provides enough energy for the whole day, and if Espresso You don't want to be able to use this type of drink that tastes better.

As we mentioned, the word macchiato is similar to most coffee terms related to Italy. This means that this drink has two types of espresso, macchiato and latte macchiato, which are slightly different from each other, which we will teach you how to prepare each of them. Also another derivative called Caramel Machiato who has found a lot of fans in Iran.

اسپرسو ماکیاتو

Espresso Machiavelli Makiato Cafe is known in Italy, the main form of preparation of this drink.

Machiavelli Cafe compared to other espresso and milk drinks It can contain the least amount of milk.

This drink has an espresso shot and one to two teaspoons of steamed milk. Finally, some foam milk is poured on it.

caffe macchiato Served in both ceramic cups and glass cups.

How to make macchiato espresso

ماکیاتو چیست ؟

As mentioned above, the main method of preparing this drink is known by this name, below is how to prepare it. We have prepared for you

*************************************** When do we order Latte Machiavelli? طرز تهیه اسپرسو ماکیاتو

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