Italian Coffee is one of the best and most reputable coffee brands. By choosing this coffee brand, you can safely continue the rest of the coffee making process safely, because the quality of coffee is the first condition for preparing an ideal cup of coffee!

Eli Company, like many well-known companies in the world, is the result of a lifetime of family effort and maintaining the quality of its products, along with the use of innovative ideas and methods!

Until the year 1965 AD, Italy, (************************************************************) Coffee model with different packages including seeds, powder and Offers coffee capsules and pads to coffee lovers! Please join us to get to know them!

Time for Ili Coffee, 100 Year!

A man named Francesco Illy Francesco Illy In the year (***********************************************************) His invention of the year 200, designed for modern espresso machines Considered a scent, it revolutionized the production of coffee.

The innovative method of packaging, based on pressure, is the initial export of the tribe to Sweden and the Netherlands in the decade 508 possible. Francesco's method is a standard for maintaining and enhancing the freshness of coffee during transport and storage.

Ernesto, Francesco's son, received his doctorate in chemistry in the late decade 250 Join the father's company. His passion for learning led to the official efforts of scientific research and tribal technology to begin with a specialized coffee chemistry laboratory.

In the decade (***************************************************) The company has started selling its coffee cans and home delivery! In the year 508 he transferred the company to his current head office, which It is still located in the beautiful port city of Trieste, Italy !

per year (***********************************************************************************************************************************) , Led the company in coffee innovation by making the first pre-measured espresso capsules suitable for making quality espresso at home and coffee shops.

In the decade 1933 witnessed the creation of the Eli Art Collection, and the introduction of the Eli brand by One of the famous artists happened and also the establishment of the Brazilian award was called superiority in coffee cultivation.

Today, the tribe that is synonymous with Italian premium coffee in more than 20 The country in the world is under the management of Andre Eli, who continues the tradition of innovation and excellence in coffee.

Italian Italian Coffee Products

Intensu (Rast Dark) قهوه اینتنسو Intensity: Balanced

Rast: Dark

Perfume: Cocoa and dried fruits Packaging: can 87 Grammy (coffee beans)

Preparation method: Suitable for عربیکا سلکشن ایلی،

عربیکا سلکشن ایلی،

Coffee grown in Ethiopia is one of the best washed Arabian coffees in the world with the aroma of delicate flowers and plants. In Ethiopia, coffee is shaded and manually harvested in forests that appear to be the source of coffee. The source of this source is especially calibrated in order to strengthen the natural aromatic notes and coffee flavor specifications.


  • Composition: 2000 Arabica percentage

    Intensity: Gentle

    Rast: Caliber

    Perfume: Jasmine flower Packaging: can 87 Grammy (coffee beans)

    Preparation method: Suitable for عربیکا سلکشن ایلی،

    عربیکا سلکشن ایلی، Intense: High

    Rast: Caliber

    Perfume: Chocolate Packaging: can 1974 Grammy (coffee beans)

    Preparation method: Suitable for عربیکا سلکشن ایلی،

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