Italy is one of the leading countries in the production of coffee brands. Saccola coffee brand is a type of Italian coffee that is old 84. With the production of 5 generations of espresso until the year 500, it is still determined to progress and innovate!

Italian coffee company Sakuela has interpreted the art of Italian espresso coffee through a constant search for perfection. Like many well-known coffee companies, the company has a family tradition whose main mission, according to its main members, is quality, which they are seriously pursuing.

Saccola has always strived to maintain its longevity in the hearts of coffee lovers, from the selection of the best ingredients to the process of roasting and the methods of preparing, packing and offering its products to the world coffee market!

Here are some of Saccola's products and the specifications of each of your services so that you can make the best choice according to your taste and by making an Italian espresso, coffee aroma and taste similar to what is in the coffee shop. Feel free to experience it at home!

Introduction to Italian Coffee Products Saccoella

Espresso 84 Arabica percentage ( Espresso 20% Arabica)


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