Introducing and buying the best coffee grinder

Coffee grinder is one of the most important parts of coffee preparation and if you don't want to fall behind in the third wave of coffee, you should have one of them at home.

Coffee grinder is used to make fresh coffee, because coffee must be consumed immediately after grinding, and if they remain, it will take on an old-fashioned taste and aroma in a short time, and in the end you will not be able to make good coffee.

In this article, we will first explain coffee mills and their types, and then introduce some of the best coffee mills in Iran along with their prices.

Types of coffee mills

انواع آسیاب قهوه

Gear mill (Toothed)

آسیاب چرخ دنده ای

Gear Mill Features

An important feature of this device is its longevity, which can work with very good quality for a long time. And because it's completely automatic, it's much easier to work with than a blade.

However, two defects in the device may cause us to fail, the first is the higher price of the device, which is much higher than the blade type due to its automaton, and the second is the problem of cleaning. , Because the gears are too complicated to clean.

Oh you

آسیاب تیغه ای Features of blade mill Due to the simple structure of the device, the price is very reasonable It will be easier for amateurs to work with, and it would be a good option if you are not thinking about becoming a barista and just want to make yourself some fresh coffee.

with However, due to the structural features, all the coffee you pour in the machine may not be ground evenly, and there may be large single grains in the coffee powder that do not make the coffee taste as good as you expect.

Another problem is the excessive friction that causes the coffee to overheat and slightly changes the taste of the coffee, which is why baristas usually recommend light and medium coffees Rast Grind with this machine.

But it may not be a problem for you, so the initial suggestion for home use and limited coffee mill blades Well, because it's easy to work with and it's very reasonably priced.

What kind of coffee grinder Is it suitable for us? آسیاب چرخ دنده ای 240

What kind of coffee making you have and what kind of grinding degree you need will have a direct impact on your choice, some machines can only be used for Mokapat, Turkish coffee, French press Or… is suitable, so one of the main points in choosing a good coffee grinder will be to identify your need.

آسیاب قهوه مدل M10 آسیاب قهوه آروینگز مدل H109

M (**************************************************************************************************************************) It is the cheapest coffee maker model in Iran that has a blade It is a ceramic that can be crushed in all sizes, its container cannot be replaced and its weight is about (*************************************************************************************************************)

This mill is very efficient for use in travel because it is both portable and easy to use and does not require electricity. It has a light brown color and has a beautiful appearance.

Price: آسیاب قهوه مدل GAT Toman

آسیاب دستی P009

آسیاب قهوه آروینگز مدل H109 It is one of the cheap hand mills that you can use at home, the weight of this model compared to M (*****************************************************************************************************************) About 150 It weighs a lot and has an attractive and classic look. It is also recommended for use in decor.

This model has a wooden container that inspires a classic feeling, its blade is made of steel and its capacity to grind every time (******************************************************************************************************) It is hot.

Using The one we had with him is not very attractive and one is more difficult to work with and you have to pour coffee in it little by little so that it doesn't lock.


GAT coffee grinder model is probably the best manual coffee grinder according to its price, this mill has a ceramic blade and 009 Heat capacity of the mill section, which is more than other devices, weight

One of the good features of the device It has the ability to wash all the components, because all the parts of the device will be easily separated and washed separately, and the brush inside the device will also help a lot in washing.

for all coffees Suitable except for Turkish coffee because it does not have the ability to powder the right amount of Turkish coffee. (Perhaps no manual mill can do this.)

Price: آسیاب قهوه مدل GAT The best electric blade grinder آسیاب چرخ دنده ای X)

The most important thing in buying an electric grinder is to pay attention to its power. Power equal to 85 The power is low, but it is suitable for personal use.

The material of its blades is stainless steel and 85 Gram has the capacity. You can also use it to crush other ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, etc. But it doesn't have a different mill grade for the grade, and you can't set it to your desired grade automatically, and you have to get the required amount of mill experimentally.

Price: 82, Toman

Mushroom coffee grinder model MKM 700 آسیاب دستی P009 انواع آسیاب قهوه

Delonghi is one of the most reputable Most brands are in coffee supplies, this model is very popular in Delonghi mill, in previous models there was a little problem with the mill, which the manufacturer has fixed in its new version.

This machine has a grade. The grinding of the mill is adjustable from the roughest grade, that is, for the French press, to the smallest grade, that is, for the espresso machine. The blades of the device are made of a special alloy that has a good quality compared to ceramic and steel blades.

is able to

every time it is used. Grind hot coffee and with its portable coffee tank, you can easily keep coffee in it for a few days without spoiling it.

This mill is considered as a semi-industrial coffee mill and is suitable for home, shop and coffee shops. And due to its detachable parts, it can be easily and quickly washed. It stops grinding so that the coffee beans are not thrown out.

Price: آسیاب قهوه مدل GAT انواع آسیاب قهوه آسیاب دستی P009 Toman

37134 Buy a coffee grinder

above some of the best We have introduced the coffee mills that are available in Iran, which are of the lowest price These devices that we have introduced are either suitable for home use or for coffee shops and small coffee shops, so if you need large industrial devices, you should contact reputable Iranian companies to make the best choice for Have your own workshop.

If you use a special device and are completely satisfied with it, we would be happy to share it with you in the comments so that we can introduce it to the coffee mill audience.


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