The drink Americano or Americano Cafe is actually the same espresso diluted with hot water. So with these interpretations, it should be easy to stay with the coffee house by continuing the training to learn the basics of American Cafe

. Should we fix Americano?

چطور آمریکانو درست کنیم

    Preparing Americano, like other drinks, requires a few essential tools that should be available to you. Well, we have introduced the accessories you need below.

) Espresso machine

Coffee beans suitable for espresso – You can also prepare this drink with non-espresso coffee beans, but you will not taste the real taste of Americano. So I suggest you follow the advice face to face.

Scales – Because accuracy in this work is very important

Mill – It is very important to grind coffee just before preparing Americano .

Hot water or water with a temperature close to boiling

    Step 1: Prepare a good quality coffee maker for Americano چطور آمریکانو درست کنیم

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