It makes sense that we are all looking for a way to make good and great coffee. But today I'm going to teach you how to make awful coffee. My goal is to tell you, “Never be afraid to make bad coffee. It is always in our best interest to experience it, even if it is the result of making bad coffee. “

Buy Bad Coffee from Chain Stores

First Work What you need to do to have a bad coffee is coffee Get it from the grocery store. It is clear that such stores only think of profitability and do not pay any attention to the quality of coffee.

Look for packaged coffees in large plastic packs in chain stores. You can also look for bitter Robusta seeds that have more caffeine.

Buy ground coffee

قهوه آسیاب شده بخرید

To make a very awful coffee, you need ground coffee that has been on the store shelf for a long time. Buy it. Because coffee loses its flavor after milling (********************************).

If you have to buy coffee beans Be sure to use the mills in the store. These mills are old and rarely cleaned. So you can have a bad coffee with the taste and smell of the soil.

آسیاب ارزان from a cheap mill Use to make bad coffee

قهوه آسیاب شده بخرید

Grind coffee beans at home Be sure to get the cheapest mill. Cheap mills give even the best coffee beans a burnt taste.

Never clean the grinder. Leave all the oil and pulp of the old ground coffee in the grinder.

You don't need to use a scale

to make a Espresso It's awful to remember to never measure (weigh) ground coffee. Randomly pour as many spoons of coffee into the filter as you like. The uniformity of ground coffee particles doesn't matter at all.

Coffee may look like tea, and there's nothing wrong with adding a few more teaspoons.

I have to say that you can use any degree of grinding for all bad coffee brewing methods. So far, it has not been seen that the use of a fine mill for the instillation method of coffee brewing can lead to the overflow of coffee. So you see that the size of the mill is not very important.

قهوه آسیاب شده بخرید Don't worry about water quality

The largest volume of coffee is water. Don't worry about water quality at all. If the hardness of the water is high, don't worry about filtering it, as it will only add more flavor to the coffee. Even if the water is contaminated, the taste of the coffee hides the bad smell of the contaminated water and hides all the imperfections.

If you use a paper filter to make coffee, you do not need to wash the filter. . Brew the coffee without any obsession. Just add some paper flavor to the coffee.

Do not follow the coffee instructions at all. Coffee is nothing but a combination of ground grains with water, so be comfortable and do whatever you think is right.

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