One of the most important factors in preparing coffee good is the use of quality green beans. The quality of the prepared green grain has a great effect on the taste and taste of coffee, so if you are a well-known coffee shop brand in your city and you want to give the highest quality coffee to the customer, you should read the important points of preparing green coffee coffee.

In this article, we first explained the best countries and regions that produce coffee and explained the complete guide to how to buy green coffee beans in Iran, which can help you choose the right green beans. After reading the article, we would like you to express your opinion about the article, and if you have experience of buying green seeds in Iran, we will be happy to share them with us.

مناطق دارای قهوه Select the desired area دان سبز قهوه آفریقا

    Coffee in Central and South America
  • Mexico: Green beans The coffees of this region are organic and have a light nutty and chocolate flavor.

  • Costa Rica: Costa Rica green seeds are suitable for heavy roasting with the taste of nuts and citrus fruits

Brazil: Brazilian coffees are often sweet and tasty with chocolate and nutty flavors.

  • Coffee East Africa has a distinctive taste due to its arid climate. In this region, coffee is dried in the sun in the traditional way, which makes the coffee sweeter and heavier in terms of taste. They are known for their complex and unique taste. The countries in this region are Kenya and Ethiopia

    East Africa Coffee

  • Kenya: Kenya green beans have more flavors like blackberries and citrus fruits Ethiopia: Each coffee-producing region produces a specific-tasting vegetable in Ethiopia. From fruity and sweet flavors to nutty and spicy flavors

    If you are interested in ground coffee roasted coffee, you can buy it from seeds grown in Indonesia. Many coffee makers in Indonesia dry the green grain on a hedge of clay, which gives the coffee its earthy taste. If you enjoy the taste of mushrooms and khaki, Indonesian coffee is the right choice for you.

    اسید های موجود در دان سبز قهوه دان سبز قهوه رست شده

    Wet or washed method : With this method, seeds with a clean and mild taste are created مناطق دارای قهوه

    2019 Coffee Goat

    Ask the seller about the specifications of coffee beans.

    What coffee do you like? Light or heavy? Fruit or nuts? So you have to look for brown with the features you want. The most important features of coffee that you should consider include:

    Flavor: Find green coffee beans with your favorite flavor profile. If you like sweet taste. Chocolate, berry and caramel flavors are suitable.

    Acidity: Coffee that has a higher acidity has a distinct, clearer and refreshing taste

    Body (body): The texture and heaviness of coffee is called the surface of the body language. In fact, the wind is the mouthfeel of coffee and has nothing to do with taste

    Taste Balance or Taste: A high-air coffee is called brown, in which each of the flavors is clearly felt and does not interfere with each other. And you can enjoy all the flavors in the roasted coffee evenly.

    Complexity: Coffee with this feature are multi-dimensional coffees. These seeds have different flavors and characteristics.

    How to buy coffee

    دان سبز قهوه آفریقا

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