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Flat White Espresso and how to prepare it

The Flat White Espresso drink comes from one shot of espresso and two shots of milk. It may be a little difficult to make this drink for the first time, but if you try it several times, you will gain more experience with each step and it will be much easier to make.

The ratio of the materials in this raspberry is said to be one-time. If you can multiply the amount of consumables for a larger number.

Ingredients Included

  • 1 shot of espresso
  • 2 Shot Foam Milk
Enough flat white

Steps for preparation of “Flat White Espresso”

Make an espresso shot first.

While you make espresso. Foam the milk. When the milk begins to foam, use a spoon to transfer the small bubbles created on the screw to the underside of the screw. This will make your drink feel softer and velvety.

Combine these two ingredients (milk and espresso). You can use your art and make a pretty art. The flat white should have about 1/4 foam on the cup.

Comparison of flat white with latte

In most cafes, what is referred to as “flat white” is not flat white but a small latte. In fact, they serve the same latte in a smaller cup, which is quite wrong.

What sets Felt White apart from the latte is how to make milk and how to pour it. Most people overlook the importance of good milk for coffee . When the milk is foamed by the steam nozzle, there are three layers.

  • Heat the liquid milk at the bottom of the screw.
  • Velvet micro foam in the middle of screws (these are very small bubbles)
  • Hard foam or hard foam (bubbles are larger in this area).

When foaming, be sure to fold (transfer the bubbles to the bottom of the screw with a spoon or hit) and rotate the screw. Without spinning and tapping the screws, there would be some fine foam, but these bubbles would gradually disappear in the middle or bottom of the screw. And most importantly, the steam nozzle should be placed on the surface of the valve at the time of foaming. (That’s the pleasant sound that’s heard in crowded cafes)

After the foaming time, pour the juice. A good barista rotates the valve around the screw so that the foam inside the fluid is cycled and the fluid from the microphones is uniform. Some will hit the counter with a screwdriver to eliminate very large bubbles. But if the screw rotation is smooth enough when foaming, you won’t need to.

What is espresso coffee?

What is Espresso?

Espresso coffee is made by passing a small amount of almost boiling water under pressure from the milled coffee beans. Espresso is thicker than coffee that is brewed in other ways. Espresso is a soap that contains solids and suspended solids and the surface of the espresso drink is made of foam with a creamy consistency.

The result of high-pressure coffee brewing is that more flavor is found in the coffee drink and more extracts are extracted. Espresso is also a base for other drinks, such as Late Cafe, Cappuccino, Mucca , Makiato Cafe, Felt White and Americano .

Espresso has more caffeine per volume than other coffee drinks. But since the amount of espresso in a typical meal is so low, then its total amount of caffeine is lower than the standard mag’s. Although the amount of caffeine in each coffee drink depends on the origin of the coffee, the method of roasting, and other factors, the amount of caffeine a typical espresso serving is 120 to 170 mg, which in the brewed coffee reaches 150 to 200 mg.

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