To get acquainted with different types of coffee, we need to know in what way we are examining coffee, whether to introduce coffee beans or whether to consider the type of coffee drink. We put.

in the article Introducing coffee beans to We have introduced the full face of coffee beans and in this article we want to introduce the types of coffee drinks and express the specifications of each of them.

After coffee breeds breeds We know that we can classify different types of coffee according to the type of brewing.

Coffee types in terms of brewing Bring

There are different types of coffee brewing, we have examined the most important type in this article, which may not have heard some of these names so far. Be.

Espresso اسپرسو

Espresso is a type of Italian coffee that should be brewed with an espresso machine, usually with espresso, several coffee models such as cappuccino, macchiato, latte, etc. are made, which we will explain below.

Espresso makers have different types that are divided into electric and gas handles for viewing Hair Capat and قهوه ترکTurk coffee

انواع قهوه از نظر دم آوری

It can be said that Turkish coffee is one of the best-selling types of coffee in coffee shops. Turkish coffee, also known as Turkish coffee, is originally from Turkey. To make this type of coffee, you must have a coffee grinder (coffee maker for Turkish coffee) or regular coffee.


قهوه فرانسه French coffee

انواع قهوه از نظر دم آوری قهوه پور اور انواع قهوه از نظر دم آوری Coffee Pour


To Preparation of coffee Pour Need Coffee maker V Or do you have this type of coffee related to the third generation of coffee and is the newest type of coffee brewing. Coffee competitions are usually held in this way.

We are divided into two separate sections . How to make coffee with a comx machine and V (****************************************************) We have prepared that if you like, you can Make coffee in these two ways.

Cold Brow Cold Brew

اسپرسو آیس کافی

Ofogato is one of the summer drinks because ice cream is used in the cleansing method, Ofogato has two main ingredients, one is espresso and the other is ice cream, which is very popular in summer.

If you have a coffee shop, I recommend that you put it in your summer, it will attract a lot of customers. If you don't know, you can also refer to the article related to

See how to prepare Ofogato and get acquainted with the method of cleaning.

2000 Ice Coffee

انواع قهوه از نظر دم آوری

Ice Coffee , like Ofogato, is one of the summer coffee drinks. In fact, Ice Coffee is the same espresso that is served cold


In this article, we have explained the types of coffee or the most important coffee-based beverages. You've probably heard more. But there are other drinks that we have included in the article on espresso-based drinks and you can access them through the following link.


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