Drinking espresso is important for those who drink coffee seriously, such as eating hot dogs


In the United States, it has its own customs and may make fun of Europeans, eating espresso for Europeans, including

Italians are very important and have special customs.

In answer to the question of whether drinking coffee and espresso really has certain etiquettes, we must answer yes!

In this regard, Luca DiPitro, founder and founder of Tarallucci e Vino Coffee Production Company in New York for coffee lovers and

Espresso explains the most important etiquette and methods of drinking espresso, which we are trying to explain to you here.

1. Understand what espresso is?

آداب خوردن قهوه coffee. And in brewing

It should not be more than 11 It will take time.

One thing DiPetro cares about when drinking espresso is that your espresso should not be bitter and should not be given to you

Feel the heartbeat, something that most coffee shops do not follow and in preparing their espresso range 800 to 06 hot coffee

They use this to cause high caffeine and more bitterness than allowed in espresso.

2. Be selfish in drinking espresso!

آداب نوشیدن قهوه

An Italian rarely goes to a coffee shop to drink his espresso!

The important thing in drinking espresso is that your espresso should be exclusive, that is, you should try to time

There should be very little between preparing an espresso and drinking it, which is not the case at coffee shops!

زمان خوردن قهوه

If you have a taste, you can add milk to espresso and turn it into espresso macchiato . Do, of course, pay attention to the fact that you drink it in the morning, not every time of the day!

In Italy if you take your macchiato in the morning (************************************) , You will most likely be ridiculed as a professional

Does not use milk to drink espresso except in the morning!

Drinking coffee in Italy in general is an integral part of daily life that you enjoy drinking, so try

Don't use espresso only for your celebrations or parties!

Source: www.insider. com آداب اسپرسو

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