Dalguna is the name of one of the newest types of coffee that has been introduced to the world in the same year 200. ! It is usually made from a combination of sugar, instant coffee and boiling water, which is poured over cold or hot milk to create a foamy drink known as Dalgona coffee.

When I first heard Dalgona's name, I remembered Daltona 🙂 According to Google statistics, this coffee was one of the most searched items in coffee-related titles these days!

There are many people who may not really enjoy a super sweet instant coffee in real life, but you can use it differently by getting to know Dalguna and making it with instant coffee and milk!

So what is Dalgon coffee, and why has it been the most searched for by people, especially during this time , Corona in the world? While we are still at home, we can still have our own behaviors and valuable things to do, such as making a new food or drink like Dalgona and even sharing it with our friends on Instagram!

What is Dalgona Coffee?

قهوه دالگونا!

Dalguna appeared on a Korean TV show called Pyongyang in January 508. Anne, a famous Korean actress and singer named Jung Il Wu traveled to the Chinese city of Macau and tried a new drink there. Because of its resemblance to the traditional Korean sponge candy of the same name, Dalgona called it!

As you can see, there are a number of breeds and areas where there are coffee farms, as well as classic coffees such as espresso and قهوه دالگونا To make Dalgona coffee, just equal amounts of hot boiled water, sugar and coffee powder are enough. Mix the instant in a bowl and about two tablespoons of each is almost enough for a glass, although you can still change the amounts according to your taste, but these are standard values.

Using an electric or manual mixer, stir until a smooth dough is formed. It may take a while, but just continue to stir until the liquid is smooth. Keep it.

After you see that your liquid has reached that satisfactory state, pour some milk into a glass, and if you like to drink it cool, for example, in the summer days, you can add small ice cubes. Then pour your coffee mixture over cold or hot milk and drink it after stirring!

Of course, some people do not combine coffee and milk, and first they drink coffee and then milk! And how you serve Dalgon depends on you! Lango is one of the most fragrant and fragrant drinks because of the instant coffee in its composition! Try it!


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