Cortado coffee is a type of hot coffee that is related to Spain, this coffee is a kind of hot brewed coffee that is prepared almost equal to the amount of boiled milk.

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Although most drinks based on espresso were invented by Italians, but Spain, Portugal and Latin America also have a drink, although it is not very popular in Iran, but it is very popular in Latin America and Western Europe.

Little by little, some coffee shops are moving They serve this drink.

What is cortado coffee?

قهوه کورتادو چیست ؟

The word cortado is a Spanish word meaning cut. And as mentioned above, Cortado coffee is a type of coffee drink that is prepared with almost the same amount of espresso and boiled milk.

Cortado is very similar to latte because the ingredients needed are similar. It is latte, but the main difference between the two is in the volume of the drink and the percentage of use of the two ingredients, espresso and milk foam.

But in this drink, one second of espresso and one second of milk, and because the amount of coffee in the drink is more than latte, it has a more attractive taste and is placed with the heart of espresso eaters.

So if so far this type of drink r And you didn't try it, it's time to start working and prepare a cup of cortado for yourself through the following tutorial and enjoy eating it.

How to make cortado coffee

To make espresso and milk-based drinks better You need two coffee makers and a milk foam maker, so that you have a better taste and a more beautiful appearance of the drink.

If you also want a honey or vanilla flavor, give it to your drink. You can add a quarter of vanilla syrup or a quarter of honey syrup to the drink.


    T espresso

(**********************************) ml of milk

Vanilla syrup (optional) Honey syrup (optional) روش تهیه قهوه کورتادو روش تهیه قهوه کورتادو Preparation method

    First, we prepare two shots of espresso with an espresso machine.

    We boil the milk and take some of it with a foam foam machine. Add and set aside, and if you like, add one of the syrups you like to the espresso and stir.

    Then pour the espresso and syrup mixture into a mug. And add the milk to it, and at the end, pour the prepared foam on the drink and decorate it with a little coffee powder.

    The taste of cortado coffee is directly related to the type of coffee, fresh. Being coffee and your espresso machine has the best quality, so you should use the best qualities.

    قهوه کورتادو چیست ؟

Cortado Coffee Video Tutorial 60


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