When summer is in its hottest days and the sun is in its brightest state, it not only makes you sweat but also drains your energy. I suggest you, cold coffee!

Cold brewed coffee, which should not be confused with iced coffee, is actually made from brown beans that last (**********************************************) until the 12 The clock is left in cold water or water at room temperature.

Although making cold coffee is as easy as pouring coffee beans into the water, there are a variety of tools you can use to make a full cup of coffee.

Common questions about cold coffee and their answers!

What is the difference between hot and cold coffee?

تفاوت قهوه سرد و قهوه یخ

French press machine

  • coffee beans
  • coffee grinder (Although not entirely necessary, a good scale will help you maintain accuracy (delicious coffee keys) in brewing.)
  • to 3 cups (20508 ml) You need purified water and room temperature.

  • mug, a suitable glass or container
  • آسیاب دانه های قهوه آسیاب دانه های قهوه

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