Coffee Museum is one of the most interesting and spectacular places for coffee lovers! There is an active and popular coffee museum in most coffee-producing and exporting countries, and even in the UAE city of Dubai, which is a major tourist destination in the Middle East.

We will discuss two interesting coffee museums on two different continents. The first museum of one of the great powers of coffee, Brazil, will be in the United States. The other is a prestigious museum in Austria on the European continent.

In Iran, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a coffee museum at the moment, but we hope that with the growth of this industry in our dear country, we will also see the construction of a specialized coffee museum!

Museum is a document of authenticity of a product! Because only by having accurate information about the authenticity of this popular drink can it be developed in various cultural, economic and tourism aspects.

Brazilian Coffee Museum in Sao Paulo

موزه قهوه برزیل the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo , coffee at the foundation close to 84 The percentage of cities had a special role! In some cities, such as Santos, where the coffee museum is located, coffee has clearly been the engine of development for these cities.

This popular drink in the world and of course the city of Santos, Brazil, walks through the port of this city to different parts of the world, and the Santos brand is listed on coffee packages according to their quality number after the name of the city of Bandar. Be.

This museum, which is famous for its exhibitions and is a beautiful building, was built in the building of the coffee exchange in the year 300. The goal of monitoring the coffee trade has opened its doors.

Auction Room for Coffee Elites

نمایشگاه قهوه In this exhibition, Jikintu will also be honored. This famous man was a port worker of Spanish or Portuguese descent who, after winning a powerful tournament, was named “Samson Gorgan”.

According to legend, Jacinto was able to weigh 5 bags of coffee or about 200 simultaneously on the shoulders. Carry yourself!

Today, port workers find this impossible, claiming that one person can carry up to two bags 200 ***** (kg) endure. No one knows the truth in the stories of the strong young man and whether he is a real person or not!

Coffee Museum in Vienna, Austria

ادموند مایر Edmund Mayer, an administrator, thinks we should pay attention to first-class cultural values. He has a private collection 90 in the year 800 He exposed his age to the public.

While you are visiting the Vienna Coffee Museum Exhibition and learning about the history of coffee, you can find coffee makers from different centuries and cultures, different coffee machines and other accessories from the past. Make Hussein there.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, special temporary exhibitions are held periodically, but the building even holds concerts, book reading evenings, product presentations and special seminars in its programs.

Lucky people are personally led by Edmund Mir to the museum's coffee paradise.


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