In general, viruses are divided into DNA-based viruses and RNA-based viruses based on nucleic acid. Coronavirus is classified as an RNA-infected virus.

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Nucleic acid in viruses is made up of either DNA or RNA. Seen as single-stranded, double-stranded, linear, annular, fragmentary, continuous, negative and positive, or both. The smallest and largest genomes among DNA viruses are Hepdena viruses and Pax viruses, respectively, and in RNA viruses, Picorna and Corona viruses.

Virus Replication Cycle

چرخه تکثیر ویروس

The first step in a virus infection is attachment. During which the virus reacts with specific receptors on the cell surface. Once connected, infiltration occurs and the virus enters the cell. In three ways: direct penetration and fusion.

Covering is done simultaneously or after the virus enters the cell. During the acid-base coating of the virus, the virus is physically separated from the outer building components of the virus. In the infectious cover stage, the primary virus is killed.

Viruses are the only infectious agents in which the host cell must break down and the virus must be released.

Studies Caffeine Caffeine on viruses DNA and RNA have shown that caffeine inhibits both viruses to some extent.

In research by Murayama et al. It was found that in the presence of caffeine, the function of the herpes virus is greatly reduced.

Although none of the viruses Q in the presence of caffeine can not be disabled. However, the rate at which viruses multiply is affected.

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It is true that the effect of coffee on the corona virus has not yet been confirmed, but knowing that eating

Using face mask: CDC Ten of the mask is not recommended for healthy people. But people who have coronary symptoms (cow – – ) show must use a mask. It is necessary to use the mask for the staff of health centers and people who come in contact with the sick person

Your hands at least for a while 703 Wash for a second. Especially after using the toilet, after coughing or sneezing and before eating. If you do not have access to soap and water, disinfect the solution (at least 31 Alcohol percentage) Use