Black tea is one of the most popular types of tea in Europe due to its special taste and long shelf life! It has different types and famous brands such as Eminent have been fulfilling their mission to provide the best quality tea for many years!

India produces half of the world's black tea, and Sri Lanka and Africa make up a large percentage of production. One of the features of black tea is that it can be used in both hot and cold climates!

The amount of caffeine in black tea is about 06 Up to 86 mg per cup.

What is black tea?

چای سیاه

Black tea is very good for people's health because it contains many antioxidants and polyphenols that we are familiar with a number of health benefits:

Prevention of AIDS!

Black tea is rich in catechins, a group of powerful antioxidants that may help prevent heart disease and cancer.

Black tea contains complex flavonoids (an average cup of black tea contains (mg mg of flavonoids) that many doctors recommend daily use Migraine flavonoids are very useful for a wide range of diseases and maintaining good health.

Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders!

Because black tea has more tannin than any other type of tea, it also causes gastrointestinal health. . Tannins relieve diseases of the stomach and intestines, and generally help digestion and reduce intestinal activity (such as diarrhea).

Uses of black tea!

Black tea is used to make hot, iced tea. In the United States, it is often referred to as ice tea . Black tea can be considered as one of the drinks that does not need to add anything special to drink. However, depending on the taste of people, it can be used with milk or sugar.

Teas that are traditionally consumed with milk or sugar کافئین

In general, black tea contains in each cup (*******************************************) To 87 is a mg of caffeine. However, many factors affect the level of caffeine in tea, which caffeine may raise or lower a cup of black tea, including the type of tea, how it is prepared, and whether the leaves are whole or broken.

Other black tea drinks, which include other ingredients such as milk and spices, have less caffeine than a cup of pure black tea. For example, 20800 masala tea has less caffeine than pure Assam tea because with the milk and spices it contains. Caffeine is not mixed.


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