What is Farapeh? The fastest and most fruity ice coffee!


With the arrival of summer and heat, we will continue to introduce cold and ice drinks and coffee to Frappe, one of the basic and suitable drinks for summer. It can be said that no one can really agree on how to prepare a transaction and agree with others. Each has its own recipe, but […]

Terms of coffee that coffee lovers should know? (Section 2)


Coffee terms include many words that we have tried to introduce to you in this article and previous articles, the most important and common ones that are popular among coffee lovers. We suggest that you read the first part of this article from the following link on the Kafi Mafi Meg website before reading this […]

Terms of coffee that coffee lovers should know? (Section 1)


The terms coffee is something that many coffee lovers want to know, in the dictionary of coffee words There are many that can be divided into two important categories: 1. Specialized coffee terms on the aroma and taste of coffee 2. The main and general terms of coffee and coffee shops Terms used about the […]

5 Dalgona Coffee Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Tastebuds


If you’ve spent time on social media this year, you’ve probably heard of the Korean whipped coffee drink known as Dalgona coffee (1). The classic recipe has only four ingredients, a simple foundation that’s just begging for exciting variations. A difference between coffees is fundamental for every coffee connoisseur. But when it comes to Dalgona, […]

Drink espresso and its etiquette in the style of professionals and Italians!


Drinking espresso is important for those who drink coffee seriously, such as eating hot dogs . In the United States, it has its own customs and may make fun of Europeans, eating espresso for Europeans, including Italians are very important and have special customs. In answer to the question of whether drinking coffee and espresso […]

Moustache Coffee Club Review


Moustache Coffee Club fills a distinct niche in the coffee subscription market. They specialize in roasting single origin specialty coffee and delivering it to your doorstep, impeccably fresh. If unique and subtle flavors that characterize the coffee beans from a particular region are what you love about coffee, you’ll love the Moustache Coffee Club. Keep […]

What is Red Eye coffee and everything we need to know about it!


If we want to give a simple definition of Red I coffee, we can say: Red I coffee is a combination of espresso shot and brewed coffee ordinary , this coffee can have different meanings depending on the country you live in and the coffee making tool used Find, we are trying to tell you […]

Coffee Maker with Water Line: 4 Best Plumbed Machines


If you’ve ever had a coffee maker run dry while brewing, you’ll understand the advantage of plumbing it directly to your water line. Direct water line coffee maker can be an excellent option for the home or the office, simplifying your life by eliminating the need to refill a water reservoir. In this review roundup, […]

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home


Have you ever tried nitro cold brew at a coffee shop? Though a relatively new addition to cafes, nitro cold brew coffee has accrued a loyal following. With its beautiful cascade of bubbles, it has become one of the most refreshing and Instagrammable beverages of the summer. Its two irresistible characteristics are a smooth flavor […]

What is coffee and its 10 main types, which we need to know?


Espresso is probably the only coffee drink in the world that needs almost no explanation, the most famous coffee without a doubt It's espresso, and many people even mean “espresso” when they say “coffee.” The most important feature of espresso is “ Be sure not to confuse Machiavelli with Mocha. Because they are completely different! […]