Ninja Coffee Bar vs Keurig: Which Should You Pick?


In the battle of the single-serve coffee makers, this might not be the most obvious comparison. The Keurig is a common fixture in offices and homes across the country, while the Ninja Coffee Bar has a more niche market. But in terms of getting a cup of coffee at the touch of a button, they […]

Drink coffee with milk and study its possible dangers!


As we all know, drinking coffee with milk is one of the most common ingredients for coffee lovers, which is very popular and has many lovers. But here we are trying to examine a topic that according to recently published research and whether drinking coffee with milk is always a good option or not. Effects […]

Women in the Coffee Industry


Although the topic of women in the coffee industry is extensive, it remains difficult to find reliable information tackling the subject. Surprisingly little research has been done in the field. Moreover, the existing studies are often narrow or not gender desegregated. Why is this? Lack of interest and available research dollars may be part of […]

Lelit Bianca Review: Yay or Nay?


Lelit Bianca immediately stands out from the crowd. It’s the smooth curves and eye-catching walnut accents. But there’s much more to it than just a pretty face. This semi-automatic espresso machine is packed with features you’d never expect at this price point. This Lelit Bianca review tells you what those features are and if they […]

What is Blonde Roast Coffee?


Coffee roast terms can be so confusing — French, Italian, City, Cinnamon, New England, Vienna, etc. And just when you think you’ve got them all straight, something new comes along. So what’s up with the sudden popularity of Blonde roast? What is it, and do you want to drink it? Let’s find out! What is […]

Best Prosumer Coffee Grinders [y]


If you want to get your money’s worth out of a prosumer espresso machine, it’s crucial to also invest in a prosumer grinder. Buying a high-end espresso machine and pairing it with a cheap grinder is like buying a Ferrari and putting a Kia motor inside it. Sure, it still drives, but it drives like […]

Niche Zero Grinder Review: Is It Worth It?


Coffee can be an expensive hobby, even more so when you love both espresso AND filter coffee. Not only do you need different brewing equipment, but a grinder can rarely handle both tasks.   BEHOLD the Niche Zero coffee grinder! This new grinder was released with much fanfare and a lot of big claims, but is […]

Slayer Espresso Machine Review


Ask any home barista about their dream machine, the one they would buy if money were no object. Seriously, go ahead and ask. I bet most will say the Slayer Single Group. Why? Because it’s gorgeous, it’s high performance, and it’s wildly expensive.  It’s the Lamborghini of espresso machines!! So the question we’re going to […]

Best Kona Coffee Beans of [y] (Read BEFORE Buying)


Have you ever tried coffee beans from the Kona coast? There’s a reason its held in such high regards in the coffee community. I bought 6 months worth of ‘Kona’ before realizing that something terrible had happened. I’d been buying a fake blend. So before you buy Kona beans online, be warned: Most of the beans […]

ECM Casa V Review: Compact Machine, Top-Quality Espresso


The Casa V is ECM’s entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine. But don’t let that fool you into thinking this brewer is anything but top-notch. If you’re looking for an AFFORDABLE SINGLE BOILER that’s a few notches above the competition, this may well be your answer. In this review, we’ll dig deep into the details to uncover […]