When it comes to making a great cup of coffee, we inadvertently think about the quality of the coffee bean and its brewing method, and do not pay attention to the quality of the water at all.

 مناسب ترین آب برای قهوه

Since volume 64 ٪ Coffee is made up of water, you should use untreated water and it also contains some minerals. It must also be up to the correct temperature between 195 – 205 Fahrenheit Warm up.

When you really think about it, the importance of water in the coffee production process makes perfect sense and can be said to make a big difference in the quality of coffee.

The use of ordinary drinking water, which is made available to the public in the form of piping, for the preparation of coffee may be inappropriate, because each region has a special type of water with different organic and mineral substances.

Some of these substances affect the taste of coffee and cause poor quality coffee.

In desert areas, water usually has large amounts of phosphate and other areas have nitrate due to agriculture. Both of these waters are unsuitable for making coffee.

Water in some areas also contains heavy metals such as zinc, manganese and aluminum, which impairs the taste of coffee.

Drinking water that has been approved as healthy and drinkable water in terms of health may not be suitable for making coffee, so stay tuned to introduce the best type of water for making coffee.

Hardness and softness of water will also affect the final taste of coffee, hard water tastes better because soft water has a slightly salty taste.

Purified or distilled water

مناسب ترین اب برای قهوه

Distilled and purified water, in fact there is a difference between these two types of water. Distilled water is obtained by boiling ordinary water and then returning water vapor to a liquid state.

Because water vapor is completely free of any minerals, after being dissolved in a liquid state, very light water without No minerals are obtained.

This is done to eradicate contaminated water.

But treated water is completely different. This water is not boiled at all and only with water purifiers that use ions and catalysts, it separates harmful substances from the water and ordinary water is obtained free of any toxic and polluting substances.

There are different devices for purification and each of them produces a type of water for use according to the specifications.

Water for the third wave Coffee

مناسب ترین آب برای قهوه

After entering the coffee industry to the third wave and creating attractive flavors, reputable companies also They produced water suitable for coffee.

One of the companies that has also supplied its water in Iran is Nestle, which is the best type in Iran.

Other companies also produce mineral water, which may not be suitable for making coffee, but is more suitable than tap water in some areas.

For preparing civil water suitable for materials Water soluble mineral, which is marked with the abbreviation TDL on the package specifications, pay attention and try to choose water with values ​​120.

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