In today's world, with the advancement of science, new parts and new events are happening around us day by day, and we realize that even things that may have been useless and useless to us have many properties and applications. One of these cases is dates and familiarity with date kernel coffee, which may not be without grace to know the taste and price of this drink and to understand the properties of this drink and drink for weight loss and diabetes.

Maybe if we were told several years ago that you can make a drink from date kernels that you enjoy, we would all be surprised and maybe we would laugh about it, but today we see that drinks The name of date kernel coffee is being produced and offered to the market, which many people are looking to buy and know the price of date kernel coffee.

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What is palm kernel coffee and how is it prepared?

قهوه هسته خرما Certainly, the invention of a drink with these special features by Iranians is a source of enthusiasm and pride that we should try to support our compatriots by buying such drinks. , Although it is necessary to know that the price of this drink is also very economical to consume.

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