Date kernel coffee has nothing to do with conventional coffee beans because it is obtained from date kernels and is obtained by grinding date kernels.

Drinking palm kernel has many benefits, the most important of which are described below, but before that, we will describe the process of making palm kernel coffee.

قهوه هسته خرما چیست

Make powder from date seed mill which is very soft During the process they roast (completely different from roasting coffee and about 15 Roast for minutes to cook) which is called date coffee.

How to prepare date kernel drink

Date kernel coffee (which sometimes Also called palm kernel tea, it is made from chopped date kernels. Date kernels must first be thoroughly washed with hot water. , Which is the best tool for grinding them using industrial machines.

Then, like roasting coffee, heat the powder from the mill several times to make the core powder a little bitter, Like coffee.

Finally, to drink palm kernel coffee like tea, you need to take this coffee bean powder for 15 Prepare and drink in boiling water for a minute before reaching.

Benefits of date kernel coffee

Date kernel coffee It has not been long since it was raised, because no one thought that date seeds, which were considered nutritionally worthless and used only for decoration, would have unique benefits and properties. The most important properties are described below.

Studies have shown that it can be at least (********************************) Treat diseases including diabetes, prostate treatment, excretion of kidney and bladder stones, elimination of kidney and bladder infections, rheumatism, joint pain, increased breastfeeding and reduction of hair loss.

  • Date kernel tea is rich in dietary fiber, Which can help you lose weight, improve your digestive system, have regular bowel movements, and improve constipation.
  • This tea has a great coffee-like taste and is decaffeinated . People who are sensitive to caffeine are advised to reduce fatigue.
  • Helping to increase the quality of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes is one of the functions of date kernel coffee.

    This drink contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients such as iron, zinc, manganese, vitamins E, A that can effectively strengthen the immune system and also iron can help patients with anemia.

  • Allergy symptoms, including skin allergies Reduces.
  • Dates of traditional tea or nucleolar coffee It is a hot food, and it is suitable for people who have a cold temper.
  • On busy days, drink the soft brown kernel of dates to soothe your nerves.

) Benefits for the eyes

This useful substance Grows eyelashes, brightens eyes and darkens eyelashes. It is one of the strongest and most important boosters and significantly increases milk in lactating women.

If you use dates and kernel tea as incense after childbirth Helps the uterus to return to its original state quickly and is also effective in reducing joint and bone pain.

Date kernel coffee for weight loss

Date seeds can help you lose weight, date kernels are very rich in iron and fluoride, rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids that help you lose weight

To lose weight, palm kernel coffee should be used on average. They are rich in iron, fiber, magnesium and potassium and are rich in micronutrients, which can reduce appetite.


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