Coffee beans and things that make them taste bad !! (Part I)


Coffee beans and how they can affect the taste of our coffee is an important topic that we are trying to examine today. It will not be bad when coffee is stored in a dry place away from sun and heat. If you keep your coffee in a humid environment for a long time, the […]

What is mocha coffee and the most popular way to prepare it?


Some coffee experts may ridicule mocha coffee, although it is true that this coffee is often too sweet and is made with chocolate and syrup, and regular mocha is a low-value coffee beverage, but It can be really great in terms of taste and flavor. Here we try to review the opinion of some of […]

Automatic vs Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine: Which Should You Get?


Choosing one of the hundreds of espresso machines available is hard enough. But it seems like marketers want to make it even harder with all their confusingly similar terms. Automatic, fully automatic, semi automatic, super automatic…. What does it all mean? Before you panic, keep reading. We’ll make sense of it all and help you […]

Best Puerto Rican Coffee Brands in 2020


Once a coffee-growing powerhouse, Puerto Rico is just re-entering the coffee production business. What does that mean for you? It means you have a unique opportunity to discover high-end specialty beans before their prices skyrocket. Keep reading for six Puerto Rico coffee brands our experts believe could be the next big thing. How to Choose […]

How Does an Automatic Espresso Machine Work?


Do you treat your espresso machine like a magic black box? Add water, press button, await glorious caffeinated goodness? What if I told you it’s to your advantage to know how your espresso machine works? It’ll help you troubleshoot problems, shop wisely in the future, and might even improve your espresso! So keep reading as […]

Best Espresso Cups 2020


What if I told you that your choice of cup can affect the taste of your coffee? It’s true! If you’ve been slurping your carefully crafted shot of espresso from any old coffee mug, you’re doing yourself and your espresso a disservice. Check out our picks for the best espresso cups, guaranteed to have your […]