Coffee capsule is a type of coffee that is offered in standard packaging. These packages contain a certain amount of coffee powder.

With coffee capsules , without having the skill of making coffee, you can prepare coffee in the shortest time. Do and drink. This espresso coffee is a delicious and fragrant coffee that is very suitable for amateurs.

To make coffee with Coffee capsules Need a capsule espresso machine You have and only with such devices you will be able to prepare capsule coffee. Prepares and is the fastest way to prepare coffee.

What is a coffee capsule?

کپسول قهوه چیست

Coffee capsule is a special container for serving coffee that without the need for measurement, Speed ​​and شود are used to make an instant coffee cup. Depending on the manufacturer (Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, etc.), these capsules need their own devices.

Coffee capsule construction includes an aluminum cap, an upper filter, a The plastic or aluminum body contains coffee powder and a bottom filter. It is interesting to know that not all coffee capsules have high filters.

Coffee capsules are divided into different types Nespresso coffee capsules , Dolce Gusto and coffee pads. And each of these types of capsules is briefly described.

Capsules Nespresso coffee

This company first invented this product and started making this type of coffee capsules.

This Swiss company produces its coffee capsules from aluminum. In addition to preserving the taste and aroma of coffee, the goal is to facilitate the recycling of aluminum capsules.

Nespresso has cooperated with the International Union for Conservation of Nature to recycle these capsules.

Nespresso capsules usually weigh 5 grams, which is suitable for an espresso coffee. It is important to know that these types of capsules have different storage conditions and must be stored in special devices to avoid damage.

Capsules of Dolce Gusto Company

Capsules Dolce Gusto contains some coffee powder (about 7 grams) which is the first difference between the capsules of these two companies.

It is interesting to know that the company that invented these capsules took creative actions. And has launched dry milk, cocoa powder and a variety of teas and tea capsules with this technology, which has received much attention in global markets.

Please note To prepare a drink from Dolce Gusto capsules, you must use Dolce Gusto machine. If you have other devices, you can not use these coffee capsules.

Coffee pad

Coffee pad in terms of technology with coffee capsules It is different and requires its own special machines. Although this type of coffee is rarely found in Iran, but in foreign countries it is similar. Capsule caps are used.

The coffee pad is a paper bag that contains a certain amount of coffee powder, but to use these pads you have to use special equipment. It is important to know that each coffee pad can be used only once in each coffee cup.


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